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SAILING COURSES AND SAIL TRAINING IN CAPE TOWN: THE COMPETENT CREW COURSE ( FULL TIME OR PART TIME ) We generally sail from Wednesdays to Sundays weather permitting.
  • THE  WEEKEND COURSE NORMALLY TAKES PLACE ON  Saturdays or Sundays. (  you can start any weekend )  Contact us for more details. (see Courses Page)  Cost: R3900.00pp
  • This course is for the newcomer to sailing or for someone who has some dinghy sailing but no cruising experience. It is also the ideal way to go should you wish to obtain a more advanced ticket, i.e. Day Skipper and Coastal Skipper, Yachtmaster etc. The course will enable you to build up some sea miles as well as some experience and above all equip you to be a useful and productive crewmember o­n any yacht, as well as teach you to be an effective Watch Master when the skipper is off watch. Having successfully completed a Competent Crew Course you will be an asset to any skipper who takes part in Club and Offshore Races.

    This is also the first step together with doing the STCW 95 that will enable you to find work anywhere in the world crewing o­n luxury yachts etc. Besides all of the above, this course is a lot of fun, you meet interesting people and get real “hands-on “ training.

    The yacht becomes your classroom and the following aspects are dealt with in detail:Nautical Terms, (including different types of yachts & parts of a sailing yacht.) Knots & Ropework. Preparing the sails for sea. Hoisting the mainsail and jib, reefing and changing sails as well as stowing the sails.

    • How sails work. Points of sailing. Sailing o­n the wind. Sailing upwind. Going about and sail trim o­n a reach. Sailing downwind and gybing under control. Steering and Holding a steady course. Coming alongside in a marina and mooring alongside another boat. Leaving a berth. Picking up a mooring. Anchoring. Rules of the Road and who gives way? Keeping a lookout and watch keeping. International Regulations for Prevention of Collisions at Sea. Sailing manners and nautical customs. Using the dinghy. Personal comfort and personal safety. Man overboard-actions to be taken. Fire, mayday and other distress signals. Abandoning to the liferaft. Living aboard, using the heads and living afloat. Weather forecasts and the Beaufort wind scale. Sailing at Night. Table Bay Harbour Regulations.


    • The course normally consists of 4 - 5 days but you continue sailing with us at no extra charge until you feel ready to be tested. Contact us and we can fit you into the next available course or else plan a course to suit your times etc.
    • A Certificate of Competence will only be issued o­n successful completion of the course.
    • Instructor to Student ratio: Max 1:5 or less.

    Cost: R3900.00 per person

    How To Book a Course?  Please request a registration form and disclaimer, fill them in and send back to us together with your proof of payment in full please. Please bring warm clothes, something to eat and drink for yourself and shoes with non-marking soles.